Emily Greenleaf & Friends ArtPrints Crafting Kit

Sprinkle a little whimsy and light into your life.

Calling all GreenPrints Garden Club members! If you’re looking to sprinkle a little whimsy and light into your life, look no further than the Emily Greenleaf & Friends ArtPrints Crafting Kit. Christie Page has outdone herself with this one!

Each ArtPrint is a miniature masterpiece, capturing the essence of Emily’s enchanted garden and the wisdom of her friends. From “The Wisdom of the Old Oak Tree” to “The Gardener’s Gossip Club”, every print is a reminder to find joy in the ordinary and embrace the magic around us.

I particularly love “The Flower that Never Wilted.” Its message of everlasting beauty and the journey of love and compassion is simply heartwarming. And let’s not forget “The Garden’s Laughter,” a beautiful ode to finding joy in life’s unexpected moments.

Whether you’re decorating your own space or gifting these prints to loved ones, they’re sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. So, channel your inner artist, grab your crafting kit, and let the magic of Emily Greenleaf’s world inspire you!

Wishing you joy and beauty in every day of your life,
Don Nicholas
Executive Publisher

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