Plan Your Spring Garden Now!

New garden-planning tool is practical and beautiful.

If you’re like me, you know what to do in Spring to prepare your garden for the upcoming season—but have you ever forgotten a step or acted too late on something that really matters?

One year, I missed out on starting seeds because it was too late in the season. And by the time I thought about planting my annuals, it was already the 4th of July! No beautiful begonias that year.

And it’s not as if I don’t intuitively know these things—I just need checklists and reminders … something organized and visual … to prompt me to act at the right moment.

This past Winter, I got some of our GreenPrints staff of gardeners together, and I learned that I’m not the only errant gardener when it comes to planning! So, as a group, we came up with the idea to create the GreenPrints 2023 Spring Garden Planning Calendar Kit—and, bingo, you can get it now with these benefits:

  • Never miss a task to ensure a gorgeous Spring garden—this calendar is full of monthly tasks and checklists.
  • Be inspired to plan, plant, and enjoy your Spring garden.
  • Cover every moment of Spring, starting in March and ending in June, with 4 full months in this seasonal calendar.

Download the GreenPrints 2023 Spring Garden Planning Calendar Kit right now.

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