GreenPrints 044, Winter 2000-01

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The Miracle of Seeds, DON’T Say it with Flowers, The (hilarious) Holiday Newsletter, To My Healing, Poinsettiacide, . . . and more!




dixieMiracle in a Dixie Cup
The astonishing promise of a seed.

wreathTh Gift of a Wreath
Finding Christmas in a nursing home.

newsletter2The Holiday Newsletter
Sharing the simply mah-vel-ous gardening year.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

Grandma’s Boys
Pulling the troops–uh, African violets–through the Big One.

greenhouseGrown in a Greenhouse
Yet, somehow, I never took root.

Like a Leaf
How my garden helped me jump out of a plane
at 13,000 feet.

lifePlant Life, Human Life
Of care, connection, and perseverance

Guardian to a Pea
A plant collector meets his match—
the coveted parsley pea.

Like White Roses in a Wet Spring
Mike McGrath’s wretched rose mishap.

The holidays are over, but a certain houseguest
refuses to leave.

On the Brink
The end of winter is the beginning—
of a wild ride.

Good Neighbors
Of fences, gardens, lawns, dogs, and children.

I Love Seed Catalogs!
I do, I do, I do!

healingTo My Healing
In my garden.


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