Healing Gardens

We can grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables in our gardens that heal the body, but these stories about healing gardens show we can also heal the spirit.

For as long as humans have grown gardens, we’ve grown plants that can help heal us. Whether it’s herbs for a poultice, fruits and vegetables for nutrition, or flowers for tea, gardens have always given us so much. These healing gardens aren’t always about just growing ingredients, though.

The stories here show that in healing, gardens are a place to repair the spirit. Gardens are that place of solitude and contemplation that we need to calm or refresh ourselves.

The stories here have their emotional ups and downs, as is the case in Kika Dorsey’s My Mother’s GardenSometimes, quite honestly, life can throw challenges at us that we don’t always know how to handle, or think we can handle.

It can be hard to find our way through the hurt and pain. But there’s always a place we can come back to – our gardens. That’s the place Marilyn Kendall finds solace in thinking of her mother in One Million Daisies

Whether we need the quiet of pulling weeds, the ever-so-subtle transformative nature of a compost pile, or just that little bit of space that gardens give us to share our stories with a best friend, we have our healing gardens. 

The stories here will touch your heart and remind you that a garden is much more than just a collection of plants. 

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Feel free to stay a while and enjoy all the healing gardens stories we have to share below. And be sure to check out our Healing Gardens Freebie while you’re here, which features a hand-picked selection of our favorite stories from this category.

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