Animal Tales

Birds, frogs, and furry friends in the garden

Dear Gardener,

It’s Don Nicholas, your favorite dirt-digging, leaf-loving, and story-telling gardener, here to sprinkle some enchantment in your days and nights.

You know, we’ve always believed that the heart and soul of gardening goes beyond just growing plants. It’s about the delightful creatures that make our gardens their own secret world. Birds chirping, frogs croaking, and furry friends hopping about—they all play a role in our garden’s grand tale!

That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to our latest garden treasure: “Animal Tales: Birds, Frogs, and Furry Friends in the Garden”—a collection of 25 stories that’ll make you snicker, chuckle, and perhaps even let out a belly laugh.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of them:

  • Is That a Rabbit on Your Head?—The garden hat no one saw coming.
  • Three Goat Vignettes—Hilarious capers of our mischievous goats.
  • Chicken Tomatoes—A poultry takeover of the tomato patch.
  • Dances with Beetles—A garden dance party you wouldn’t believe!
  • Deer Gardens—When Bambi meets the vegetable patch.

And that’s just the beginning! We’ve got tales of feathered friendships, a cheeky tortoise, quirky cats, and much more. Our stories will have you in splits, and I can bet you’ll relate to every adventure, mishap, and sheer comedy of gardening life.

So, dive in and join us in discovering the extraordinary stories within our everyday gardens. From deer with green thumbs to mischievous goats and cats with a knack for comedy, there’s something for every gardener in “Animal Tales.”

Thank you for being a part of the GreenPrints Garden Club. We look forward to sharing a hearty laugh with you as we unveil the incredible world of our garden’s fauna in the flora.

To the magic of gardening and the laughter it brings!

Yours in laughter and leafy greens,

Don Nicholas signature

Don Nicholas
Executive Publisher
GreenPrints Garden Club


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