How to Know a Plant Best Friend


Here’s how to know if a friend is worthy of the highly lauded title of PBF: Plant Best Friend.

  1. You trade seed catalogs like CIA operatives, making sure neither of your spouses sees the evidence—uh, catalogs.
  2. Plants Anonymous doesn’t exist—but if it did …
  3. You both enjoy digging soil out from under your fingernails while talking worm casings.
  4. This friend is the only one you’d trust your plants with should you ever have to leave.
  5. You text each other pictures of your newest seedlings and coo and congratulate each other over each new sprout.
  6. Your conversations revolve around soil pH, squash bugs, the chance of rain, and—always and forever—weeds.
  7. Your spouses’ and friends’ eyes glaze over when you mention anything related to “your plant stuff.” Your Plant Best Friend does not do this but understands you on the chlorophyll level.
  8. You both have the same opinions about Spa Days: Gardening Days are much, much better.
  9. You ask each other, “How are your plants?” instead of “How are you?”
  10. You are both shocked—shocked!—if someone says they do not love gardening.

By Liz Rasley of Wylie, TX.


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