05-12-23: GreenPrints Funny Business Caption Contest

This week’s caption contest. Illustration by Tim Foley.

You’re invited to submit your caption for this week’s funny illustration by commenting below. We will choose a winner quarterly, and winning captions will be acknowledged in the print and digital editions of an upcoming GreenPrints Magazine. Winners get a FREE one-year subscription to the magazine.

05-12-2023-Funny Business-Tim Foley-Woman holding plant markers

When submitting your caption below, please include your full name and city/state for identification purposes. By submitting your caption, you agree to the contest rules.

  • Artemisa M.

    Ohhh my, so many choices, but not enough garden space.

  • Darlene B.

    Why oh why did I start the planting season with Michelangelo’s prayer, “Lord grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish”?


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