Yellowstone's John Dutton on Growing Roses, and more…

In the realm of my vivid imagination, I found myself in the company of some of my favorite leading men, each sharing their thoughts about roses. As someone with a passion for fiction and a penchant for writing, I couldn’t help but envision these conversations.

First up was John Dutton, the formidable patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch, known for his unwavering determination and love for his family. I imagined him sitting down with his fiery daughter Beth on the porch of their sprawling ranch house, overlooking the majestic landscape. The sun was setting, casting a warm glow over the vast Rosegarden that stretched out before them. John would lean back in his chair, cigar in hand, and explain, “Beth, you see, these roses, they’re like family. Each one is unique, just like you and your brothers. They remind me of the beauty and strength that can thrive in the harshest of environments. And, my dear, I want Yellowstone to be a place where our legacy and love continue to bloom, just like these roses.”

Next, I found myself aboard the USS Enterprise, in the captain’s ready room, with Captain Christopher Pike and his ever-logical first officer, Number One. As they looked out into the vastness of space, I imagined Pike saying, “Number One, in all my travels through the galaxy, I’ve never seen a garden as breathtaking as the Starfleet Academy Rose Garden in San Francisco. The way those roses stand together, different yet harmonious, reminds me of the unity and beauty that can be found in diversity. It’s a reminder that even in the farthest reaches of the cosmos, there’s always room for the exquisite simplicity of a rose.”

Finally, I envisioned Harvey Specter, the suave and sharp-witted lawyer from Suits, sitting in his plush office, pondering his complex relationship with roses. As Donna, his loyal confidant, looked on, he would confess, “Donna, roses have always been a paradox for me. My mother’s Rosegarden was a place of beauty and fragility, but also of pain. Those thorns, they remind me that even the most beautiful things in life can hurt you if you’re not careful. But they also symbolize the resilience to endure, just as I’ve learned to do in my career.”

In my own life, roses hold a special place. My father had nurtured a rose garden in our backyard, and its fragrant blooms were a constant backdrop to my childhood. My sister shared his love for them, and now, my wife, too, adored their beauty, thorns and all. It was a connection that ran through generations, a symbol of love, strength, and endurance. Those prickly thorns were a reminder that beauty could sometimes come with challenges, but it was worth it in the end.

As I contemplated these imagined conversations, I couldn’t help but appreciate the enduring beauty of roses and the way they intertwined with the lives of those I held dear. In the world of fiction and reality, these conversations about roses had added depth and meaning to my own appreciation for the intricate and delicate beauty of life, much like the petals of a rose.

If you love roses, and the paradoxical relationship we have with them, check out the cover story of our October 2023 issue entitled The War of the Rose… in addition to being a wonderful story, Pat and Becky have brought it to life with an enchanting narration. 🙂

Happy gardening, and happy storytelling…

  • Yes, I too love roses and tried to grow them in the frequently marine layers in Cambria CA. It was quite a challenge, but loved the process of treating disease and delight of a few beautiful blooms, All of them different., but planted to create a flow of color along the path.


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