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The entire team at Mequoda has been working hard on the launch of the new, and I (Kim!) would like to introduce you to some of them, particularly those working most closely on the magazine and the digital content. In addition to the editors below, there is a whole team of marketers, engineers and customer service specialists who are charged with growing the GreenPrints audience, maintaining a website that will delight our readers and attract new ones, and taking great care of our subscribers.

Bill Dugan is our Executive Editor. He accompanied me on my trip last year to meet Pat and Becky, and has a lifetime interest in gardening, storytelling, and writing—his schoolteacher father tended a vast food and flower garden at home, teaching all eight of his children how to garden. And Bill’s mother was an award-winning essayist and writer of poems and stories. Gardening and stories have been a Dugan family affair his entire life! Bill himself is an award-winning copywriter and tends a small garden on his apartment’s balcony near downtown Washington, D.C.

My fellow Rhode Islander Kate Bruzzi is our Managing Editor. She is a skilled creative director and project manager working closely with our artists to produce beautiful art for each issue. Kate ensures that each issue of GreenPrints and the look-and-feel of the website maintain the charm that GreenPrints is known for. She also brings a love of gardening and storytelling—plus a ton of experience as mom to her daughter Willow—to her role with GreenPrints.

Amanda MacArthur is our Senior Editor and manages a large food, herb, and edible flower garden at her home in western Massachusetts. As a best-selling cookbook author and mom to daughter Ruby, Amanda loves to spend her Summers growing food and creating multi-sensory flower gardens that are both beautiful and delicious.

She is deeply engaged with the gardening community and handpicks her favorite GreenPrints stories to share with you every day in the GreenPrints Daily email newsletter.

And I serve as Editor and Publisher, using gardening knowledge I gained from my parents and grandparents—and experience from my journalism background about how to tell a good story. I also beam with pride that my family’s love of gardening has been passed on to my hilarious and loving 6-year-old niece Silvana. She fills my heart with joy and awe, especially when she shows off her impressive harvests!

GreenPrints Team

Clockwise: Kate and Willow enjoying the fruits of their labor, Amanda and Ruby making ambrosia salad, Bill sitting outside his apartment on a nice, sunny day, and my niece Silvana making sauce with tomatoes from her garden.


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